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April 17 CFA Auction

April 23 School closed/No classes

April 30-May 2 MS Musical

May 20, 9am-2pm Special schedule 9am-2pm for 7th/8th grade exams & 6th grade special activities

May 21 Last day of school

Special schedule 9am-11am for 7th/8th grade exams & 6th grade special activities

11:45-12:30 8th grade celebration at the turf field for each 8th grader & 2 guests

June 1 Final Grades post

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Counselor’s Corner:

Welcome back to the Counselor’s Corner at Cape Fear Academy! As you know, all CFA Middle Schoolers receive social/emotional lessons twice a month that focus on personal wellness and discovering each student’s individual potential.

The month of April will be dedicated to drug and alcohol education and prevention. We have partnered with Coastal Horizons, a local prevention agency, to deliver a program for students grades 6-8. CFA Middle School Students will watch a pre-recorded presentation by two prevention specialists from Coastal Horizons. This will provide general education and awareness around the dangers and consequences of drug use during adolescence.

After the presentation, students will have a chance to pose anonymous questions for the experts which will be answered at the follow up session provided by CFA counselors, Tobi Ragon (8th grade) and Elizabeth Gibbs (3rd - 7th grades). The dates of these sessions are scattered throughout the month of April depending on the student's grade.

IN CASE YOU MISSED IT: "Equipped" Parent Education Webinar

Here is a recording of the Coastal Horizons parent presentation from last week.

Here is a list of local organizations that provide support for teens and families.

Additionally, Researching School-Based Mindfulness Programs

By now the benefits from mindfulness practices are well documented. As school-aged children continue to struggle with sustained focus and attention regulation, scientists begin to explore the impact of mindfulness programs in schools.

Take a look at some of the most recent data on the topic: School Mindfulness Linked with Increased Cognitive Control. Students were enrolled in an eight week education program for either mindfulness skills training or computer coding. The results were measured through a Sustained Attention to Response Task (SART) as well as MRI brain scans. "The findings indicate that 'a mindfulness program... will support the beneficial effects of mindfulness training on emotional resilience and cognitive control' and 'that mindfulness preserves attention performance.'" This offers compelling evidence of the correlation between mindfulness, brain plasticity and cognitive control.

In line with these scientific developments, the CFA Counseling Department delivers a social/emotional curriculum (DBT-A Skills for Schools) that is built on a foundation of mindfulness. Students learn and practice different strategies for mindfulness, as well as other skills like emotion regulation, interpersonal effectiveness, and distress tolerance. We also offer students a free subscription to the Head Space app that guides students through easy mindfulness exercises. We value these skills as critical to our student's performance in school and life.