CFA Family Partnership

CFA Family Partnership

2021/22 Steering Committee


Bethany Fee

VP of Finance & Operations:

Jon Tait

VP of Development:

Crystal Peebles

Admission Liaison:

Danielle Goulding

Grounds Liaison:

Helen Wells

Arts Liaison:

Tazza Woditschka

Athletics Liaison/s:

Jeff Sorbel

LS Division Liaison:

Laura Hagy

MS Division Liaison:

Heather Mills

US Division Liaison:

Tanya Kane

Teacher Lounge Treats provided by some very appreciative parent volunteers.

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CFA Staff Gift Policy

Gifts for classroom teachers have always been and continue to be a wonderful way to show appreciation for the dedication, hard work, and caring our teachers demonstrate each day.

Though created with the best of intentions, “class gift” solicitations made through the Family Partnership or any of its representatives, including Classroom/Grade Parents, can unintentionally make families feel obligated to give. To alleviate this feeling, Classroom/Grade Parents should not seek out contributions to group gifts. Instead, families are welcome to express their thanks through words of encouragement, notes of appreciation, or gifts of their choice. If parents collaborate to create a combined gift, one that is not associated formally with the school, that is fine as well. This way, each family can join in or opt out as they see fit.

If a class is considering a gift to the school or a teacher that is intended to be placed on the school grounds, the Division of Advancement in conjunction with the Board’s Facilities Committee should be given the opportunity to review these plans to assure that they adhere with the overall campus plan.

Grade Parent List

Lower School Liaison:
Laura Hagy

LE 1- Slovik: Anne Williams

LE 2- Moya: Britt Allen

LE 2- Hollingsworth: Ashley Essington

K - Stoddard: Anne Williams

K - Connaughton: Jessica Edwards

1st - Casson: Sara Hepburn

1st - Scoutelas: Stewart DiFiore

2nd - Mailey: Rachel Batchler

2nd - Vliet: Catherine Gherardi

3rd - Lallathin: Larr Carr

3rd - Madigan: Gray Nunnelee

3rd - Sibson: Kim Murray

4th: Meredith Wells

5th: Terri Powell

Middle School Liaison:
Heather Mills

6th: Michele Brouse

7th: Lisa Boggio

8th: Brooke Hooks

Upper School Liaison:
Tanya Kane

9th: Louise Mann

10th: Kari Papagikos

11th: Sue Carney/Caroline Hope

12th: Jill Webb/Marnie Bahner