CFA Family Partnership


CFA Family Partnership has funded $14,964.68 worth of Mini Grants to following for the 2019/20 year.

1. Kimberly Halle: Recipe for Reading Alphabet Series

2. Elizabeth Singletary: Art Easels (5)

3. Nicole Miller: Extended Classroom Library

4. Rebecca Scott: Student Response System (Set of 24)

5. Becky Mills: MS Lending Library (Phase 3)

6. Chrissy Ettefagh: Using Physical Science Gadgets & Gizmos & NSTA MS Physical Science Kit

7. Carr Fullagar: Robotic supplies for first HS Robotics Team

8. Susan Robbins: Graphing Calculators w/ Charging Station (10)

9. Bill Kanzinger: Sawgrass Virtuoso SG400 Sublimation Printer & Accessory Kit

10. Emily Fancy: Dell Precision Laptop

11. William Camp: Drum Equipment

12. Amanda Holliday: 1 Video Camera/Supplies

13. Megan Green: 9 Square In The Air

CFA Family Partnership

2019/20 Steering Committee


Crystal Peebles

VP of Finance & Operations:

Melissa Smith

VP of Communications:

Alisa Harris

VP of Development:

Emily Garriott

Admissions Liaison:

Beth Adams

Grounds Liaison:

Ava Trask

Arts Liaison:

Jennifer Waldrop

Athletics Liaison/s:

Alexa Revell

Marnie Bohner (Fall)

Michelle Kernan (Winter)

Allison Klein (Spring)

LS Division Liaison:

Paige Warshaw

MS Division Liaison:

Meredith Wells

US Division Liaison:

Luci Smith

CFAFP 2020/21 President:

Allison Klein




This is a sign-up for volunteers interested in working gate or concessions at our home games (lacrosse & soccer)


Interested in Volunteering?

Haven't completed your CFA Volunteer Interest Form yet?

Here is the integrated online version that will get you started right away. Whether you can offer a lot of time or a little, we still want to hear from you.

Click here for 2020-2021 volunteer interests

Purchase CFA Spirit Wear!

Funds raised from your Spirit Wear purchase support the Family Partnership, which is one of the main revenue generators for the organization. Proceeds from the Spirit Store support Mini-Grants for teachers, new supplies and equipment for classrooms, Arts and Athletics Departments, distinguished guest speakers, campus beautification and more!

Students are encouraged to wear any CFA logo’d apparel each week on Spirit Fridays, Blue and Gold Spirit Days throughout the year and fun community events like Homecoming. We hope you will support our Family Partnership and purchase your favorite CFA gear today!

CFA Spirit Wear is available for purchase Monday-Friday from 8:15 am -4:00 pm daily. Please see Kristen LaCoe, Assistant Director of Advancement, in room 613 in the Athletic Center for purchases. And at these other special dates:

All proceeds to benefit the CFA Family Partnership which funded items last school year such as:

  • $15,000 in mini-grants to faculty in all three divisions

  • Wifi for buses so students can work when traveling

  • Support for events such as LS Bingo and Homecoming

  • Teacher Appreciation events

  • Adopt-an-Athlete program

  • ...And much more!


April 28-30, 2020

CFA Family Partnership is sponsoring a uniform exchange the end of April for all clothing that fits in the LOWER SCHOOL dress code policy. Items that do not get exchanged will be donated appropriately. Details forthcoming for clothing drop-off and exchange information, and volunteer opportunities for this April 28-30 event.


Access CFAFP Meeting Minutes & BY-LAWS Here


"My Favorite Things" Database teacher/staff favorite things

CFA Staff Gift Policy

Gifts for classroom teachers have always been and continue to be a wonderful way to show appreciation for the dedication, hard work, and caring our teachers demonstrate each day.

Though created with the best of intentions, “class gift” solicitations made through the Family Partnership or any of its representatives, including Classroom/Grade Parents, can unintentionally make families feel obligated to give. To alleviate this feeling, Classroom/Grade Parents should not seek out contributions to group gifts. Instead, families are welcome to express their thanks through words of encouragement, notes of appreciation, or gifts of their choice. If parents collaborate to create a combined gift, one that is not associated formally with the school, that is fine as well. This way, each family can join in or opt out as they see fit.

If a class is considering a gift to the school or a teacher that is intended to be placed on the school grounds, the Division of Advancement in conjunction with the Board’s Facilities Committee should be given the opportunity to review these plans to assure that they adhere with the overall campus plan.

2019/20 CFAFP Meetings

Chadwick Conference Room

(unless otherwise indicated)

Meetings are open to all.

Tues 8/20/19-8:15am

Wed 8/21/19-8:15am-Volunteer Orientation

Thu 8/22/19-1:00pm-Volunteer Orientation

Tues 9/24/19-8:15am

Tues 10/29/19-8:15 am

Tues 11/19/19-8:15 am

Tues 1/14/20-8:15 am

Tues 2/18/20-8:15 am

CFAFP Community Coffee

3/17/20-8:15am (Penton Dining Hall)

Tues 4/14/20-8:15 am

Tues 5/5/20-8:15 am

Lower School Liaison: Paige Warshaw

LE 1-Slovik: Amanda Baker

LE 2-Newell: Danielle Goulding

LE 2-Moya: Lara McNeill

Kindergarten-Connaughton: Adam Batchler

Kindergarten-Lenz: Alexa Revell

1st-Scoutelas: Bethany Fee/Brandi Buchanan

1st-Casson: Jessica Whitney

2nd-Vliet: Jordan Coffin

2nd-Mailey: Mary Catherine Durkin

3rd-Lallathin: Stephanie Mann

3rd-Barbaro: Tabitha Heberlein

4th-Carlson: Brandi Mason

4th-MIller: Caprice Youngblood

5th-Borges: Brooke Hooks

Middle School Liaison: Meredith Wells

6th-Grade: Joanna Miles Basta

7th-Grade: Liz Forkin

8th-Grade: Nikki Trawick

Upper School Liaison: Luci Smith

9th-Grade: LIsa Boggio/Liz Smith

10th-Grade: Jill Webb/Wendy Mitchell

11th-Grade: Cindy Koonce/Karin Mills

12th-Grade: Porter Young/Kim Dalton