New Traffic Information


1.  ALL traffic will now go to the RIGHT when entering campus.  This road is two
    lanes, counter-clockwise, and ONE-WAY.

2.  SENIORS only may park in the paved lot on the north side (what was formally the old gravel
    lot).  If you are parking in this lot, please move to the left lane once on campus.  ALL other
    student drivers must park in the south side, back-paved lot, across from the Dining Hall.
    These student drivers should stay in the right lane once on campus.  

3.  ALL student drop-offs (Lower, Middle, and Upper School) will be in the drop-off lanes
    between the Dining Hall and Godwin Hall.  (Same place as before, just in the opposite
    direction).  There will be no Middle School or Upper School special drop-off area for the next
    few months, during construction.  

4.  There will be TWO lanes for drop-off:

A.  Drivers with students in the back seat should use the left drop-off lane.  Drivers
                 will need to get into the left lane prior to the drop-off area.  

B.  Drivers with students in the front passenger seat should use the right drop-off lane.  
     Drivers will need to get into the right lane prior to the drop-off area.  

C.  Drivers with students in both the front and back seats may drop off using the
     right lane drop off.  

5.  There will only be one pick-up lane in the afternoon.  Please use the left-hand lane nearest
     the courtyard.  The right lane of the driveway will be for thru traffic so the parking lot can be
     accessed for those who wish to park.  

6.  There are two lanes for exiting campus, for the time being.  The middle lane is designed left
    turn only.  The right lane is left turn, straight, and right turn.  


1.  The lane connecting our outgoing drive to the church may be used for exiting CFA and
    turning right onto College Road after dropping off or picking up your child.  The church
    may NOT to be used for dropping off or picking up students in order to avoid the traffic line.

2.  When dropping off or picking up students, always pull as far forward as possible before
     stopping.  This helps to deter backup and moves the line faster.  

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3.  When pulling up curbside to drop off or pick up, please do NOT get out of your car.
    Volunteers will assist your child(ren) in exiting your vehicle.  If you need to get out of your
    car for any reason, please park in the large lot across from the Dining Hall.

4.  Always yield to pedestrians.

5.  Lower School students who are dropped off before 7:55 am should proceed to the Dining Hall
    to await the start of school.

6.  Please refrain from cell phone usage while driving on campus and in the drop-off and pickup

lines.  CFA has been advised by a New Hanover County Sheriff’s representative as well as by the school’s security auditor that cell phone usage during this time is detrimental to your

     child(ren)’s safety.  


1.  There is no longer diagonal, short-term parking for parents and guests.  If you wish to park
    and walk in, please park in the south side, back-paved lot, across from the dining Hall.

2.  Faculty and Staff, unless otherwise designated, will park in the back paved parking lot.  
    The north parking lot (formally gravel) is for Seniors and designated staff only.  

3.  A limited number of school personnel will be assigned parking in the church parking lot.
    These spaces are for school personnel only.  The church has specifically requested that
    parents and students NOT park in the church lot due to liability issues.  Please help us retain
    our privileges with the church by respecting that request.  

4.  Once parked, pedestrians should always use the crosswalks.  

5.  Parking in any lane of the road is not permitted.  

5.  Please do not park on the grass along the roadways.  Both the grass and sprinkler heads could
    be damaged.  

Construction is still ongoing, and we will tweak drop-off and pick-up plans if need be.  
For our traffic plan to work, every driver must follow the rules and place the interests of safety and cooperation above immediate personal convenience.  Please follow the directions given by the staff and parent volunteers who are on traffic duty.  Their job is to help keep the process moving safely and smoothly for all drivers.  Please give our staff and volunteers the respect they deserve.  Your child’s safety is of our utmost concern.