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Ms. Boyer's Weekly Newsletter

Lower School Student Government 2017-2018

The Lower School looks to its student leaders in LSSGA to work with administration, plan events, and communicate important news with their homerooms.  We are proud of the third and fourth grade students who prepared posters and gave well-prepared, enthusiastic speeches to become LSSGA officers earlier this week. Here are our election results for 2017-18:

President: Rebecca Deese 
Vice President: Libby Wells 
Secretary: Piper Monteith 
Treasurer: Cate Broderick 

Left to right: Cate Broderick, Rebecca Deese, Libby Wells 
and Piper Monteith

Second Grade Studies Africa
Ethiopian Angels

Student writing based on Ethiopian stories

 Authentic dishes from Ethiopia, Sudan and Egypt made by parents

Sports Day!

Thanks Ms. Green, this is awesome!

We all have our own way of doing things!

              Summer Reading Program
Students in all grades are encouraged to read as much as possible  throughout the summer. CFA's Reading Specialists are proud to reward readers through the Summer Reading Program. The top 3 readers in rising grades K through 5 (based on the number of pages read) will earn a gift card to Barnes and Noble! Emergent readers' parents may read books aloud to their child and log the number of pages.  Access the link below for the submission form. All readers will be recognized. 

100 Mile Club

100 Mile Club, lower school's early morning running club ended the year with many children reaching their goal of running or walking 50, 75 or 100 miles! Below is a list of their achievements:

50 Miles:
Lilleigh Hodges (LE)
Vance Lenz (LE)
Maggie Giblin (K)
Reese Ragon (K)
Ivy Lenz (grade 1)
Cate Boggio (grade 2)
Tala Holliday (grade 2)
Kathleen Moulton (grade 5)

75 Miles:
Kelsie Connaughton (K)
Rowan Smalley (K)
Tessa Fancy (grade 1)
Evan Rienks (grade1)
Daniel Giblin (grade 2)
Everlee Miller (grade 2)
Maya Whitwell (grade 2)
Ava Fancy (grade 3)
Charlee Vliet (grade 5)

100 Miles:
Jackson Vliet (grade 2)
Annie McNamara (grade 3)
Eden Rienks (grade 3)
Megan Connaughton (grade 5)
Cooper Herrett (grade 5)-140 Miles!

School Record:
Alec Halna du Fretay (grade 4)-161 Miles!

Yearbooks are still available for purchase in the Lower/Middle School office. These beautiful books are $85.00 and commemorate Cape Fear Academy's 50th year! 

Lower School Technology Coffee
Power Point available! Please click link below to access.
Several weeks back,we held our LS Technology Coffee.  At that coffee Dave, Elizabeth, and I shared student survey results, as well as information and tips to help you as parents manage your child's technology use.  The attached Power Point was shown at the meeting, and we found the survey results from our third, fourth, and fifth graders especially interesting.

Kelly Borton,
May 10, 2017, 10:49 AM
Susan Boyer,
Nov 11, 2016, 6:02 AM
Kelly Borton,
May 19, 2017, 6:48 AM