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Congratulations to Harris Dozier (far right) for being voted the new Upper School President

Teacher Spotlight

 Bobby Palmer 

                               Photography by Kristen LaCoe

Bobby Palmer received his Bachelors degree in 2005 from Western Michigan University and promptly moved to North Carolina.  He spent one year teaching at East Wake Middle School in Raleigh before making the move to Wilmington.  He has also spent four years teaching Algebra 1 and Algebra 2 at Ashley High School.  Mr. Palmer has been Cape Fear Academy faculty since 2010 where he currently teaches Algebra I, Honors Algebra II and Discrete Math for the 2017-2018 curriculum.

Student Testimonials for Mr. Palmer

"Mr. Palmer contains such obligatory qualities for teachers. He is the ultimate example of charisma and responsibility. I enjoy his class everyday so much!" - Christian Faircloth

"Mr. Palmer is one of the best teachers I have this year. Math is definetely not my strong suit, but he has helped me so much this year, and math has never made more sense to me. Thanks for all that you do Mr. Palmer!" - Anna Itzkowitz

"Mr. Palmer makes class super enjoyable. He does a perfect job of balancing fun with learning, and I bet the whole class can agree that Palmer does a great job teaching. Not only have I learned about standard deviation, but also all of Mr. Palmer's concerts he has been to (and how his hair was down to his shoulders in high school). " - Ford Wright

"Mr. Palmer is one of those teachers that will do anything and everything he could to help out a student, whether it is a math problem or a teacher recommendation. After having him for 2 years, he is easily one of the best teachers I have ever had." - Isley Pullium

"Mr. Palmer’s prodigious knowledge of mathematics facilitates his rare ability to educate his subject in a clear and contagious manner, passing on his lineage of passion to his students." - Michael Brown

"Mr. Palmer is a great teacher with a wonderful personality. He is an obviously hard-working individual who cares about his students' success and well-being." - Katie Meehl

__________________________Through  April 30, 2018


We had 10 students travel to compete in the NC Regional Comprehensive Math Competition at Elizabeth City State University earlier today.  There were nearly 300 students at the competition.  The team brought home the 2nd place team award.  Evan Zhang placed 3rd and Mike Shi placed 4th individually.  They both qualified for States and will be joining the 5 team members that placed to qualify for States two weeks ago against nearly 500 other students at the regional competition at Chowan University:  Cole Frazier and Drew Vliet in Comprehensive, Brooks Miene (3rd place) for Level 3, David Novak (2nd place) in Level 2, and Dillon Moore in Level 1.  

Our 23 Comprehensive kids were split between the two contests and both groups brought home 2nd place finishes.
A special thanks to Mrs. Higgins for working with the Level 2 and Level 3 students.  The Level 3 group placed 2nd at Chowan as a team and the Level 2 group placed 3rd as a team at Chowan. 
Congrats and Thank you to all the students involved
May 23rd - June 23rd
"We sent three students to the Tarheel East District Tournament this weekend.  Evan Zhang and Brooks Meine, freshmen, acquitted themselves well and enjoyed their first trip to a national qualifying tournament.

Debate team captain and sophomore, Maya Arora, went 7-0 in the tournament - the only competitor to remain undefeated.  She is the top qualifier in our district for the National Speech and Debate Association national tournament.  (Maya previously qualified for the National Catholic Forensic League tournament as well.)

I'm sure you'll join me in congratulating these students with a special shout out to our national qualifier Maya!" - Teresa Lambe, US Debate Team [Faculty] Supervisor

______________________________________________Posted March 26, 2018

Pictured: Mark Campbell (Faculty Leader), (top left to right) Will Lewis, Reed Sweyer, William Dahl, Henry Murtagh, Landon Scharf, Landon Pierpan, Harris Dozier, Walker Moore, Anne Boniface, (bottom left to right) J.R. Johnston, Preston Meehl, Caroline Broderick, Macy Magan, Libby Moore, Grace Ljung, Chiara Kellogg, Brooks Meine
Pictured: Walker Moore, Libby More, Macy Magan, Harris Dozier
Pictured: Anne Boniface
Pictured: Will Lewis, J.R. Johnston, Brooks Meine, William Dahl

If you have any requests for the Upper School web page or stories you would like to share, please contact Ms. Sara Auld in the Upper School Office at sara.auld@capefearacademy.org

We are thrilled to share that Class of 2018 member Tershona Branch has been named a Morehead-Cain Scholarship recipient. She is the third winner from Cape Fear Academy in the last four years! Congratulations, Tershona!

The Morehead-Cain Scholarship covers all expenses for four years of undergraduate study at UNC-Chapel Hill. In addition, it features a distinctive program of summer enrichment experiences. Over four summers, scholars will have the opportunity to complete an outdoor leadership course, carry out public service in the United States or abroad, conduct research at sites across the world, and gain experience in private enterprise.

Congratulations, Tershona!
--------------------------------------------------------------------Posted 03.19.2018

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 US Coffee Presentation 02/02/2018

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Welcome to the Upper School at Cape Fear Academy. 

"The Upper School embodies the school’s mission through outstanding teaching, a wide-ranging curriculum, thriving Leaders for Life Program, and extensive college counseling.  CFA strives to develop lifelong learners and responsible citizens for a global society.  The Upper School is served by responsive and innovative teachers who, in partnership with the community, provide learning experiences that nurture the uniqueness of each child and promotes happiness and success."

- Mr. Eric Miles, Director of Upper School

Meet the Faculty

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Japan/China Tour 2018

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