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We are pleased to announce that our new Upper School website is now live!  

This new site introduces a completely redesigned interface that makes navigating the website simpler and easier to use.  The goal is for anyone, whether that be a student, parent or teacher, to find what he/she is looking for quickly and without difficulty.  This site serves as a platform for spreading information and to achieve this, the website utilizes a clean and simple design separated into six pages:

  • Home Page| Welcome Letter,  2018 - 19 Upper School Calendar, Social Media News   

  • Academic Page| Academic Quick Links & more

  • Teacher Website Page| Individual teacher websites

  • College Counseling Page| Information about college rep visits, Naviance, & more.

  • Student Life| Tons of information about life outside the classroom

  • Community Service and Internships| List of service & internship opportunities.

The new Upper School website also integrates several of the most popular social networking sites (Facebook and Twitter) so that users may as be as current as possible with everything related to the Upper School. For the latest Upper School news, follow us on

  • Twitter:  @CfaUpper

  • Facebook: @CapeFearAcademy  

This website is an experiment that is constantly evolving. As new ideas come around, so will new features that will better serve your online experience. The best ideas come from you, the user. If you have any recommendations to improve our new site, please let us know. We promise that we will take your thoughts into consideration in order to create the best website for the Upper School.

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