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William Camp (Band)

Trisha Ellison (Spanish)

Chrissy Ettefagh (Science)

Nathan Gergel (Social Studies)

Paul Gilbert (Social Studies)

Mandy Hamby (English & Social Studies)

Ginny Johnson (Math)

Bill Kanzinger (Technology Courses)

Jay Kranchalk (PE & Health)

Becky Mills (English)

Brian Nobles (Spanish)

Lynn O'Connell (Chorus)

Katie Ragan (Math)

Lisa Rojek (Art)

Becca Scott (Science & Math)

Amy Tarallo (Spanish 1)

Maureen Vanscoy (English)

Rebecca Wells (Science & Social Studies)

Lu Xue (Mandarin)

Middle School Field Day :)

Food trucks!

Water slide!

Sack races!!

Drench the Director!

Grandparents Day!


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for 2018-2019 MS students!

    Important Dates       

School is out for summer! : )

2018-2019 School Year:

August 15                           Orientation for New Students & ALL 6th graders

Time TBA

August 16, 2018                    First Day of School for the 18-19 School Year!

October 3 - 5                         6th graders to Camp Don Lee

                                              7th graders off campus, day time field trips

                                              8th graders to Camp Seafarer

Food for thought for MS Parents

Sixth Grade Homework Calendar

Seventh Grade Homework

Eighth Grade Homework