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Trisha Ellison (Spanish)

Chrissy Ettefagh (Science)

Nathan Gergel (Social Studies)

Paul Gilbert (Social Studies)

Mandy Hamby (English & Social Studies)

Ginny Johnson (Math)

Bill Kanzinger (Technology Courses)

Jay Kranchalk (PE & Health)

Becky Mills (English)

Brian Nobles (Spanish)

Lynn O'Connell (Chorus)

Katie Ragan (Math)

Lisa Rojek (Art)

Becca Scott (Science & Math)

Maureen Vanscoy (English)

Rebecca Wells (Science & Social Studies)

Lu Xue (Mandarin)

Assembly Cup Challenge!

Left: 8th graders gave it a good try!

Below: 6th graders came in second!                                           

Below: 7th  grade WINS!

2017-2018!  :)

Muse Club: CFA’s Middle School Creative Writing Group

A drop of ink make a million think. ~ Lord Byron

Muse Club meets at lunch-time every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday in Mrs. Mills’s room. Students can drop in on any of these days.  Our club is flexible and inclusive. It is open to any student who has stories to tell or a poems to express. We eat, write, and talk about our favorite books.  We all agree that reading is like breathing in, and  writing is like breathing out. Our best pieces will be submitted to literary magazines, contests, and to CFA’s own High Tide.  

October’s Student Spotlight: Emily Elizabeth Penton (grade 8).   Emily Elizabeth is writing a historical fiction about WW I for DAR’s essay contest for that war’s 100th anniversary.  The piece starts:  

On November 11, 1918, it all ended. The war, the fear, the agony, the regret, the pain. It all ended, except for one thing: the memories. It happened, and that was the hardest thing to accept after the war. We couldn’t pretend it was fine; we couldn’t pretend that it never happened. It did, and it changed my life forever…  

Emily is a busy girl who is working towards an early November deadline with diligence and grace.  

Muse students are dedicated thinkers and creators.

MS Science

On January 9, 2018 all 6th graders will be competing in a school-wide science fair with a chance to compete in the Southeast Regional Science & Engineering Fair at  UNCW in Feburary.  The same opportunity is available for ANY 7th or 8th graders who would like to participate. A second informational meeting will be held for students during break this Wednesday, October 18th in Ms. Ettefagh’s room (Godwin 111).  You can learn more about the science fair by visiting Ms. Ettefagh’s webpage or by emailing her at chrissy.ettefagh@capefearacademy.org


MathCounts will begin meeting on Thursday October 12th during lunch in Mrs. Ragan’s classroom.  Interested students should please bring his/her lunch.

MathCounts  prepares students for the regional competition in late February.  Although any middle school student may participate, this club is for students who truly enjoy and revel in being challenged in math.  Students will be expected to work 10-20 problems each week to prepare for the competition. 

What is MathCounts?

MathCounts is a competitive club that practices fun and challenging math problems.  Meetings will take place every Thursday during lunch until the regional competition takes place in late February.  Should our team place in the top 2 or 3 at the regional level, we will then move on to the state level. 

Ten students will be picked from our club members to participate in the regional competition, a participation limit by the organization.  All ten of those students will compete in 2 individual paper/pencil rounds called the Sprint Round and Target Round.  Four of the students will participate in an additional round together called the Team Round.  These four will be our top competitors.  Below is a detailed description of the rounds.

Sprint Round (All 10 students) – No Calculator, 30 questions, “faster” problems, 40 minutes total

Target Round (All 10 students) – Calculator, 10 questions distributed in pairs, 6 minutes each pair, “longer” problems

Team Round (Top 4 students) – Calculator, 10 questions, answered as a team, 20 minutes total

This is a fun academic club that will help prepare students who want to be involved with the Upper School math teams.  Please come check it out!

If you have any questions contact Katie Ragan at kragan@capefearacademy.org

SAVE the DATE for Middle School Night Out on Friday, October 20th. Students will enjoy dinner at CiCi's pizza followed by bowling and the carnEVIL trail in Wilmington. The cost per student is $50 and ONLINE Registration is taking place now! To register ONLINE login to MyBackpack and click on Program Registration. Space will be limited so make sure to register soon!

6th grade at Camp 
Don Lee on the Neuse River

7th grade at Coastal Horizons!

CFA Leadership Advisory Clubs

CFA MS Leadership Advisory Clubs

To receive text reminders via the Remind app text the code below to the number 81010 (for all grades) OR use link provided to sign up for t
he grade group reminders!

6th grade code: @2776k7 

7th grade code:  @cfa7t

8th grade code:  @2egf4d

Food for thought for MS Parents

                          Important Dates

Oct 16                            Grades closed from parent/student view so teachers can

                                       draft comments and complete final grades.

                                       Grades viewable again on Oct 24

Oct 20                            MS Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences all day

                                       No school for CFA Middle School ONLY

Oct 24 by 5pm               Grades post to MBP for 1st interim

Oct 25                           8-9:30am School picture day (Make ups & Retakes)

                                     Eighth Grade Service Day at Special Olympics

Oct 26                            Evening MS Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences


Oct 27                            MS Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences all day

                                       No school for CFA Middle School ONLY

Nov 3                              Middle School Night Out

Nov 8, 8:05am                MS Sports Awards

McNeill Fine Arts Center

Nov 10                            8-11am MS Veterans Day celebration

                                            10am Open House for Prospective Parents
Please share your enthusiasm for CFA and tell a friend about CFA!

Nov 20-24                       School closed for Thanksgiving Holiday                   



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