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Technology Safety Speaker Mrs. Susan Sutton speaks to CFA Middle School
On February 23 in the McNeill Fine Arts Center, Mrs. Susan Sutton spoke with grades 6, 7, and 8 about social media and internet safety.  Before her visit Mrs. Sutton researched CFA middle schoolers on the most popular social media sites, took note of their words and posts, and shared back with our students, surprising many of them with how quickly she was able to attain personal information and view posts that students had made public.  She shared with our students what can result from these postings and gave them tips for wise and safe internet and social media usage.  It was an eye opening experience for our students; we encourage you ask you child what s/he learned.

Assembly scooter races!

Where it's cool to be BRILLIANT!

...and the AWARDS keep coming for our students and teachers!
Congratulations to CFA's 
All District Honors Band Middle Schoolers & Mr. Camp!

                          Important Dates       


March 19 @ 4pm              Grade post for 3rd Quarter

March 20                           8th to Airlie for water quality testing

This field trip is cancelled due to thunderstorms. New date TBD.

March 21                           8th grade to Special Olympics

                                          7th grade Romeo & Juliet Parody Scenes

                                               McNeill Fine Arts Center 8:15-12:15

March 22                           Evening Parent/Student/Teacher conferences

March 23                            No school for MS & LS

                                           Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences all day

March 30-April 2                Spring break

April 13                               MS Talent Show

April 25                               8th grade to Special Olympics for service day

April 26                               Middle School Night Out (Battle House)

April 27                               No School

May 3 @ 6:30                    Chorus Concert

May 4                                 Middle School Night Out (dinner & a movie)

May 7-11                            MS ERB testing each day

May 11 @ 6pm                   MS Dance

May 24                                MS Exams

May 25                                 MS Exams/End of Year Celebration Ceremony

                                             Early dismissal/Last day of school


Sixth Grade Homework Calendar

Seventh Grade Homework

Eighth Grade Homework