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Middle School

Congratulations to the CFA Middle Schoolers 
on the Second Semester Headmaster's List and Honor Roll!  


Congratulations to a record number of students from the Middle and Upper schools who attained national recognition for excellent performance on the 2019 National Spanish Examination!

Students from MS Spanish grades 6-8 and US Honors Levels 3-5 earned a total of 8 GOLD MEDALS, 15 SILVER, 20 BRONZE, and 35 HONORABLE MENTIONS.

Attaining a medal or honorable mention for any student on the National Spanish Examinations is very prestigious,” said Kevin Cessna-Buscemi, National Director of the Exams, “because the exams are the largest of their kind in the United States with over 140,000 students participating in 2019.”

Students from Cape Fear Academy first began taking the National Spanish Exam in the 2015-2016 school year with a high level achievement. "The purpose of the National Spanish Examination is to recognize achievement in the study of the Spanish language, to promote proficiency in interpretive communication in the Spanish language, to assess the national standards as they pertain to learning Spanish, and to stimulate further interest in the teaching and learning of Spanish. In addition, our teachers believe that the use of the National Spanish Examination helps to prepare students to take other standardized tests such as AP, SAT II, and college placement exams" (NSE 2019).

Spanish teachers Kwabene Williams, Amy Tarallo, Brian Nobles, Trisha Ellison, Ani Scuteri, Sutton Boney, and Rachel Hatfield should be congratulated for their work in preparing students for and providing access to the exam. The groundwork for this success is laid beginning in the first years of the study of the language!   

Congratulations to these teachers and students!

Level 01 

(6th Grade)

Level 1 

(7th Grade)

Level 2  

(8th Grade)

US Spanish 3


May Boney

Emily Cox
Katie Meine


Grant Sutherland 
Havens Adams 

Isabel Bellamy* 
Maddie Cherry 


Algernon Butler 
Tyler Beacham 
Austin Zimmer 
 Maggie Meyer 
 Liza Wells 

Ella Forkin  
Bennett Warshaw 


Lilia Wall 
Porter O’Brien

Grant Peebles  
 Connor Slaughter 
Hayes Gilbert 
Lillian Blankenship
Gia Davidson 
Sterling Dalgleish 
Anna Holt Basinger 
Sydney Cortina 
Lane Durham 
Sanders Lewis
Jacob Borstad
Elle Harmon 

Arrison Moya 
Henry Boney 
Fin Austin 
Bella Jacobs
Mikayla O’Neill  

Classroom Sites

William Camp (Band)

Trisha Ellison (Spanish)

Chrissy Ettefagh (Science)

Nathan Gergel (Social Studies)

Paul Gilbert (Social Studies)

Mandy Hamby (English & Social Studies)

Ginny Johnson (Math)

Bill Kanzinger (Technology Courses)

Jay Kranchalk (PE & Health)

Becky Mills (English)

Brian Nobles (Spanish)

Lynn O'Connell (Chorus)

Katie Ragan (Math)

Lisa Rojek (Art)

Becca Scott (Science & Math)

Amy Tarallo (Spanish 1)

Maureen Vanscoy (English)

Rebecca Wells (Science & Social Studies)

Lu Xue (Mandarin)

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Students play 4 square at lunch, a revised CFA tradition!

    Important Dates   

August 13, 9am Middle School Preview for ALL 6th graders & NEW                                                    students in grades 6, 7, & 8

August 14, 8am Middle School begins the 2019-2020 school year :)

August 21, 6pm Middle School Curriculum Night  

                                       (previously called Parent Night or Back to School Night)

September 18-20 6th graders go to Camp Don Lee

                                       7th graders attend special activities locally during the day                                   8th graders go to Camp Seafarer


Food for thought for MS Parents

Sixth Grade Homework Calendar

Seventh Grade Homework

Eighth Grade Homework