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Middle School

September's focus: Integrity and Responsibility 

Our goal this month is for students to explore these topics through goal setting and introspection. Students will spend time exploring their strengths and weaknesses, setting personal goals, and preparing for MS camp trips/excursions.  What does it mean to be responsible at camp?  How can you set goals that compliment your strengths and troubleshoot your weaknesses?  What does it mean to accept responsibility for our actions? 

This month students also begin their work in Leadership Clubs.  They will be challenged to set goals for their club, take leadership roles in planning and organization, and take a look at their community needs.

We encourage you to reinforce these topics at home and to engage in conversations about advisory and Leadership Clubs.

Builder Leadership Club with Mrs. Johnson building bird houses for area retirement communities  

First Grade Buddy Leadership Club with Mrs. Hamby

Mrs. Scott's Green Team Leadership Club!

Classroom Sites

Erika Batalla (Band)

Trisha Ellison (Spanish)

Chrissy Ettefagh (Science)

Nathan Gergel (Social Studies)

Paul Gilbert (Social Studies)

Mandy Hamby (English & Social Studies)

Ginny Johnson (Math)

Bill Kanzinger (Technology Courses)

Jay Kranchalk (PE & Health)

Becky Mills (English)

Brian Nobles (Spanish)

Lynn O'Connell (Chorus)

Katie Ragan (Math)

Lisa Rojek (Art)

Becca Scott (Science & Math)

Amy Tarallo (Spanish 1)

Maureen Vanscoy (English)

Rebecca Wells (Science & Social Studies)

Lu Xue (Mandarin)

The Family Partnership is a volunteer organization created to enrich and enhance the educational opportunities of the students at Cape Fear Academy by creating and maintaining an organization in which parents, grandparents, alumni and friends may offer their time and talent to support the school’s academic, social, fine arts, and athletic objectives.

More CFA Family Partnership information can be found HERE
Crystal Peebles, President, 910.262.2115, cpeebles3@gmail.com

Grade Parent Key Responsibilities: 

  • Help coordinate events for things such as Teacher Appreciation, Holidays, End of Year Appreciation
  • Create opportunities for parents to gather in social settings and connect with other parents that have students in the same grade  
  • Help to promote philanthropy on campus
  •  Be a positive advocate for the Family Partnership and CFA 
Middle School Liaison - Meredith Wells
910-431-1289 or meredithwells@ec.rr.com
6th - Grade Parent, Liz Forkin
808-226-5446 or forkin8@me.com
7th - Grade Parent, Elilzabeth Beacham
919-669-8545 or elizabethbeacham@mac.com
8th - Grade Parent, Mandy Moore
919-270-7683 or mmoore1712@gmail.com

Exam Schedule


1st semester December 18 & 19

7th grade

Exam 1  World Language

Exam 2   Science

8th grade

Exam 1 World Language

Exam 2 Social Studies

2nd semester May 23 & 24

7th grade

Exam 1  Social Studies

Exam 2 Math

Exam 3 English

8th grade

Exam 1 English

Exam 2 Science

Exam 3  Math

*6th graders do not take exams. Instead they have special academic activities on exam days.

Need help with Math?

To sign up for a Math Lab appointment, click HERE!

Need help with studying, a project, or a writing assignment?

To sign up for an appointment with the 

Center for Reasoning and Writing, click HERE!

Family service challenge 

at the Salvation Army 

820 North 2nd Street, Wilmington, NC 28403 

sign up HERE!


Cheering for their volleyball playing classmates during assembly grade competitions :)!

Leadership Advisory Clubs

To receive important text reminders from CFA, sign up using the following links
First day of school MS assembly! 

    Important Dates       

September 12                      School picture day - Click HERE for more info.

September 13 @ 8:15am     8th grade parent coffee

Cafe                                     Learn all about the 8th grade trip to Camp Seafarer!

September 18 @ 8:15am     6th grade parent coffee

Cafe                                     Learn all about the 6th grade trip to Don Lee!

September 20                      Parent Coffee - all grades

Learn about the dangers of vapping and JULLing which are becoming popular with school aged children.        

                                            Dress Down Day for $1 to

                                            benefit the American Heart Association

September 24 @ 8:15am     7th grade parent coffee

Cafe                                     Learn all about the October day trips!

September 28                      No School

October 3 - 5                         6th graders to Camp Don Lee

                                              7th graders off campus, day time field trips

                                              8th graders to Camp Seafarer

October 10, 8am                   Grade 7 & 8 Parent Coffee with Mr. Berger

                                              with Strategic Plan overview

October 11                            Speaker Catherine Steiner-Adair at CFA

                                              Author of The Big Disconnect

October 16, 8am                   Grade 6 Parent Coffee with Mr. Berger

                                              with Strategic Plan overview

October 19                            Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences for MS only

                                              No classes for MS only (LS & US classes as normal.)

                                              Fall Festival            

October 24                             8th grade to serve at Special Olympics

                                               MS Grades post for parent/student viewing

October 25, after school         Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

October 26, all day                 Parent/Student/Teacher Conferences

                                               No classes for LS, MS, and US

Food for thought for MS Parents

Sixth Grade Homework Calendar

Seventh Grade Homework

Eighth Grade Homework