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Middle School

January Advisory
The focus for January's advisory lessons is "Conflict and Accepting Differences".  The goal is for middle school to consider how conflict might be healthy for a community.  Disagreements or debates over important topics can help challenge our own views and can lead to respect for our peers, regardless of their beliefs or choices.  Students will be challenged to role play disagreeing with others, learn to listen to their peers' opinions, and practice acceptance. They will learn the meaning of the words diversity, tolerance, and respect, and they will see these characteristics played out in real life scenarios.  Our hope is that students see how our differences can ultimately strengthen our community at CFA and beyond, preparing them for college and life. 

Classroom Sites

Erika Batalla (Band)

Trisha Ellison (Spanish)

Chrissy Ettefagh (Science)

Nathan Gergel (Social Studies)

Paul Gilbert (Social Studies)

Mandy Hamby (English & Social Studies)

Ginny Johnson (Math)

Bill Kanzinger (Technology Courses)

Jay Kranchalk (PE & Health)

Becky Mills (English)

Brian Nobles (Spanish)

Lynn O'Connell (Chorus)

Katie Ragan (Math)

Lisa Rojek (Art)

Becca Scott (Science & Math)

Amy Tarallo (Spanish 1)

Maureen Vanscoy (English)

Rebecca Wells (Science & Social Studies)

Lu Xue (Mandarin)

 Exam Schedule


1st semester December 18 & 19

7th grade

Exam 1  World Language

Exam 2   Science

8th grade

Exam 1 World Language

Exam 2 Social Studies

2nd semester May 23 & 24

7th grade

Exam 1  Social Studies

Exam 2 Math

Exam 3 English

8th grade

Exam 1 English

Exam 2 Science

Exam 3  Math

*6th graders do not take exams. Instead they have special academic activities on exam days.

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American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC8) School Winners 2018

On November 13, 2018 Cape Fear Academy had 54 middle school students from Honors Algebra 2, Honors Algebra 1 and Honors Geometry participate in the nationally recognized American Mathematics Contest 8 (AMC8). 

The AMC8 is a 25 multiple choice question contest given to students nationally each November.  It is meant to be challenging for the students and promote problem-solving skills.  This year 98,448 students from 1,844 schools across the nation participated.

Congratulations to our top scoring students!  Along with being our school winners, the following students also all placed in the top 25% nationally!  Our two first place winners were only 1 question shy of placing in the top 5% nationally! 

Tying for 1st Place

Katie Meine (8th) and Dillon Moore (8th)

2nd Place:

Kyle Smith (8th)

3rd Place: 

Austin Zimmer (7th)

Tying for 4th Place:

Stephen Chiavetta (8th), Davis Hope (8th), Anne DeVeaux Trask (8th), and Charlee Vliet (7th)


    Important Dates       


January 15                            Grade 6 sets up for Science & Engineering Fair

January 16                            Science & Engineering Fair, Grade 6

                                              8am-2pm closed judging

                                              3-4pm pubic/parent viewing

January 21                            MLK Day/No CFA

January 21-25                       Homecoming Week/Details TBA

        Tuesday - PJ day, Wednesday - Jersey day, Thursday - USA, Friday - Blue & Gold

January 24, 8:10am                   Parent Coffee with Head of School & Division Directors

                                                   regarding smart phone/electronics usage at CFA

January 29                            10am start to CFA Middle School

                                               for teacher collaboration morning

February 4, 12-2pm     Mandarin students out to lunch for Chinese New Year

February 8 @ 2pm                MS Talent Show

February 12 @ 8:15               Rising Grade 8 (Current Grade 7) Parent Coffee    


February 21 @ 10:30 am     Middle School Grandparents Day  

There will be a short program during which the chorus performs and then grandparents can attend 4th period with their middle school grandchild. Grandparents are so very welcomed, but not required, to attend.  Classes will run as usual that day with no special schedule.

Feb 22                 6th grade chorus singing in LS Grandparents day

Feb 27 @ 8:15                        MS Sports Award

March 4-8                 Winter Break

Food for thought for MS Parents

Sixth Grade Homework Calendar

Seventh Grade Homework

Eighth Grade Homework