CFA Family Partnership Organization

The leadership of this new organization will be called the Steering Committee. As part of the organization's reorganization, revision of the existing by-laws and current yearly budgets will be addressed. Currently the steering committee plans to meet monthly and as needed to address the reorganization. The organization exists to create events and programs that will bring our greater community together to build camaraderie and form stronger bonds amongst our families.

2017/18 Steering Committee
President: Michele Brouse
VP of Finance & Operations: Cindy Koonce
VP of Development: Crystal Peebles
Admissions Liaison: Cheryl Colvin
Grounds Liaison: Christine Chappell
Arts Liaison: Megan van Vliet
Athletics Liaison: Lisa Boggio
LS Division Liaison: Jessica Schreiber
MS Division Liaison: Liz Forkin
US Division Liaison: Kim Dalton


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Michele Brouse, President
Parent Association transitions to CFA Family Partnership
The power of community within the student body is something I have always advocated for and admired.
I see how important the camaraderie is for these children and I want the same for the CFA families. My goal this year as CFA Family Partnership President is to do simply that.
This year, a group of 11 parents will lead the way in re-organizing a volunteer organization comprised of CFA parents, grandparents and interested family members that will create a tradition of engagement and involvement in the life of the school. It will be our intention to create an environment where these volunteers feel welcome, included, and valued as partners. A stronger CFA family community will only further the children with their confidence as students of CFA, individually as a person and together a stronger bond with their family. With a world, chaotic and scary it’s even more important to bring the most amazing school community together and cherish where we live, who we are and what we can accomplish for the good.
It was determined that to better identify this organization, the steering committee voted to rename the volunteer organization from the Parent Association to the CFA Family Partnership.

Interested in Volunteering? 
The CFA Family Partnership Volunteer Information Center (CFA VicNet – use this link - is now LIVE! This new online program gives you an easy way to keep-in-touch with the CFA volunteer opportunities and programs. You can view volunteer openings, sign-up to help, check your schedule, post your service hours, receive messages, and much more: anytime, and from any device.  The more information we can gather from our families the better our organization will become. Please select "Forgot Password" to get started.  A simple and short training video will be on the home page after you login to your account. Enjoy!

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  • Full list of Partnership Programs and descriptions (Mini Grants and how to apply, etc)
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