Announcing the 2018/19 CFAFP President:

—Crystal Peebles—

We are pleased to announce that Crystal Peebles has accepted the position as President of the CFA Family Partnership for 2018-19 school year. The Peebles have been at CFA since 2008. Crystal and her husband Harrison have one child in each of the three divisions - Davon (10th), Grant (7th) and Selby (2nd). Over the last ten years, Crystal has served as a grade parent, LS Family Bingo Night Chair, and most recently a two-time Holiday Market Chair. From assisting in the classroom, gate admissions, concessions, or theatre ticket sales, Crystal is always there to lend a helping hand. With a great breadth of knowledge regarding campus events and activities, she will be an invaluable asset to the Family Partnership next year. Thank you, Crystal, for agreeing to serve!

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Spirit Store:
Purchase CFA Spirit Wear!

CFA Spirit Wear is available for purchase Monday-Friday from 8:15 am -4:00 pm daily. Please see Kristen LaCoe, Assistant Director of Advancement, in room 613 in the Athletic Center for purchases. Spirit Store Pre-Orders are also available for pickup in the same location.

All proceeds to benefit the CFA Family Partnership which funded items last school year such as:

  • $15,000 in mini-grants to faculty in all three divisions
  • Wifi for buses so students can work when traveling
  • Support for  events such as LS Bingo and Homecoming
  • Teacher Appreciation events
  • Adopt-an-Athlete program
  • ...And much more!

CFA Family Partnership

Steering Committee

Crystal Peebles

VP of Finance & Operations:

Cindy Koonce

VP of Development:

Beth Adams

Admissions Liaison:

Cheryl Colvin

Grounds Liaison:

Christine Chappell

Arts Liaison:
Jill Webb

Athletics Liaison:
Allison Klein

LS Division Liaison:

Caroline Hope

MS Division Liaison:
Meredith Wells

US Division Liaison:

Luci Smith

2018/19 CFAFP 
Steering Committee Mtgs
11/27/18-8:15am (Chadwick Conf Rm)
1/22/19-8:15am (Chadwick Conf Rm)
2/19/19-8:15am (Chadwick Conf Rm)
3/19/19-8:15am (Penton Dining Hall)
4/23/19-8:15am (Chadwick Conf Rm)
5/21/19-8:15am (Penton Dining Hall Cafe)


"My Favorite Things" Database (teacher/staff favorite things and wish lists

Lower School Liaison: Caroline Hope
LE 1-Slovik:Gray Nunnelee
LE 2-Perchard:Kelly Cascaden
LE 2-Mailey:Michelle Leonard
Kindergarten-Connaughton: Bethany Fee
Kindergarten-Lenz: Brooke Hooks
1st-Scoutelas: Alisa Harris
1st-Casson: Paige Warshaw
2nd-Vliet    : Claire Reddick
2nd-DiBernardo: Stephanie Mann
3rd-Lallathin: Kim Shipley
3rd-McWane: Brandy Mason
4th-Miller: Jessica Schreiber
4th-Soule: Julie Robey
5th-Borges: Joanna Miles Basta
5th-McLean: Joanna Miles Basta
Middle School Liaison: Meredith Wells
6th-Grade: Liz Forkin
7th-Grade: Elizabeth Beacham
8th-Grade: Mandy Moore
Upper School Liaison: Luci Smith
9th-Grade: Cindy Dugan, Heather Mills
10th-Grade: Gina Reger, Jennifer Dahl Co-Chair, Jennifer Waldrop
11th-Grade: Porter Young, Kim Dalton Co-Chair
12th-Grade: Jennifer Waldrop, Anne Broderick Co-Chair